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Cleaning Tips

Cleaning a granite memorial is different from how you would clean your granite counter tops. Outside differs from inside elements and use.

We tell our customers that their memorial will never look as good and as perfect as it does when it leaves our shop. Once placed in a cemetery becomes exposed to outside elements, grounds maintenance, visitors. The best way to keep your memorial looking good is to clean it on a regular basis. Most granite companies suggest you do the following:

  • Carefully clean off all loose dust and debris with a soft brush
  • Wash down the entire piece with clear water to remove some of dust and dirt.
  • Using a bucket, fill it with water and dishwashing detergent. We recommend liquid ivory or dawn. Using a soft rag, wash down the memorial rubbing carefully and only as much as needed to remove dirt and debris.
  • Using the bucket again, pour clear water over the memorial to rinse and wipe it dry with a soft cloth.

We suggest that you clean your memorial at least once a month, or each time you visit the cemetery. NEVER use an abrasive cleaner, any kind of a sealer or burn candles on your memorial, it will result in permanent damage.

Should you find that it has been chipped or damaged in any way, you should report it to the cemetery office.

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